About us

Our Company’s Philosophy

VerJus Essentials LLC was started with a clear mission… creating high quality products that are ethically sourced from start to finish.  Specifically we have 3 core values:

  • Focus on plant and primary sourced ingredients (never derived from animals)
  • Responsibility to our planet (no excessive packaging, waste, or harmful chemicals)
  • Quality sourced ingredients for product safety and human labor rights (no low cost third world ingredients or labor in our products).

Our corporate ethical focus can be clearly seen with avoiding use of the lowest cost ingredients from third world countries such as China & India.  Unfortunately many other nutritional supplement companies source from third world countries to increase their profits and keep that information secret from their customers.  Check out our FAQ section to see that we disclose where each of our ingredients are sourced so you can be reassured that we follow our focus on ethical quality. 


Our Founder’s Background

Verjus Essentials LLC founder, Dr. Robert Wimmer, has been a vegetarian/vegan for over 15 years.  In 1999, after attending a corporate whole pig roast event, he was shocked into the fact that his unhealthy meat/dairy centered diet included a serving (or sometimes 2!) of meat and dairy at every meal.  Following that 1999 roast he started the process of cutting back and eventually eliminating meat and dairy from his diet for the purpose of improved heart and cardiovascular health.

Later, in 2001, a visit to Farm Sanctuary (http://www.farmsanctuary.org/) turned his veg diet focus from predominately health reasons to compassion for the animals.  It was from this inspirational visit that he decided to start his career as a Biomedical Engineer by looking into ways for meat production without the use of animals.  Following up on completion of his Biomedical Engineering work, in 2009 he went on to Skeletal Muscle research, publishing two peer reviewed scientific journals related to skeletal muscle health and completing his PhD in BioChemistry in 2014.


Personally, I am excited to share the benefits of RareMyo with vegan, vegetarians, and those cutting back on daily meat consumption.  Used in place of meat along with a balanced plant based diet, RareMyo provides an ethical and healthy vegan option to obtain 6 key beneficial muscle performance nutrients minus the negative aspects of meat (such as Animal suffering, Added Fat, Added Cholesterol, and Excessive Protein).      


Dr. Robert Wimmer, PhD

Why RareMyo was Created

During our founder’s skeletal muscle research, he came across various research articles that showed lower levels of a few muscle performance nutrients in those that have eliminated meat and dairy from their diet.  B12 deficiency is one of the most well-known from plant based diets, however there are 5 additional nutrients which could have muscle performance benefits when taken as a supplement*.  This was the basis of creating RareMyo, as a dietary supplement for improved skeletal muscle health and performance minus the unhealthy and ethical concerns of meat consumption.

  • RareMyo is a vegan nutritional dietary supplement with 6 key muscle health nutrients 3 of which (Carnitine, Creatine, Taurine) in prior research have been found at lower levels in individuals that have reduced or eliminated meat and dairy from their diets.
  • Each Vegan RareMyo capsule contains 6 nutrients at levels found in a single serving of red meat. However RareMyo is without the fat, cholesterol, or excessive protein found in animal meat.
  • No mega doses. Each capsule contains normal levels found in a single serving of red meat.
  • Recommended for use as a daily supplement to replace meat consumption and increase your muscle’s health and performance throughout your busy daily life schedule.