Vegan dietary supplement RareMyo Now available on

We are proud to have our vegan dietary supplement RareMyo, now available for sale on Vegan Essentials's website

Vegan Essentials has a long history of offering a wide selection of premier products for vegans and vegetarians.  They have been voted best online vegan store by the readers of VegNews for 10 straight years (2005-2015)!  They have a great selection of vegan products with incredibly fast customer service. 

RareMyo is a daily vegan muscle supplement specifically formulated for vegans and vegetarians to help maintain muscle health whether they’re an active athlete or just staying active through daily life.  Our product tag line says a lot about what we stand for…RareMyo - Muscle Nutrients Minus the Meat. 

Within the dietary supplement industry we are unique since our company (VerJus Essentials LLC) has a core philosophy of ethics for animals, humans, and our planet.  We refuse low cost ingredients with origins from Mexico, China, India, or other country with weak labor and quality laws.  We have replaced the typical low cost chemically derived processing ingredients such as magnesium stearate with more natural ingredients such as rice bran extract and of course we have Vegan Action’s certification!

There are great deal of health benefits to a plant based diet, but not everyone knows how to adequately supplement for muscle health when eliminating meat.  So to simplify supplementing, RareMyo is formulated with muscle specific nutrients to replace a single serving of red meat and can be taken up to 3x a day.  Again, RareMyo contains NO mega doses, since the levels are formulated to approximate amounts found in a single serving of red meat.

Buy your bottle of RareMyo - Muscle Nutrients Minus the Meat today at and start making your meals without meat more complete.

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